This is our very first project (and typically, the most challenging one).

For 5 min treat yourself to some Sunday scrolling.

Go on it's on us.

move those phalanges


the brief had barely left the clutches of its creator

it appeared tame

and enticing all the same,

the first piece of work onto which we placed a name.

a logo for a design company,

was the simple request.

oh the euphori

to indulge in projects that take hold of the soul,

shake it, break it and bring it home again.

a project that should have taken a


borrowed several instead...

…for the client had an idea of what she wanted

but she didn't know quite what it looked like


experience knows this dilemma

to the left brain a challenge.

to the right a cruise.

round one through round 7

the creative process will lose.

but in round 8 came a clue

when giants like content and creation compete

pride may not enter this wager. For

yes design maketh the market

but words seep into the soul.

and when competitors become complimenters

the process has been known to ignite.

'Malkoppi' deffinition:


Mal = Mad

informal allow oneself to get carried away by enthusiasm or excitement: let's go mad and splash out.


Koppi = Head

the head regarded as the location of intellect, imagination, and memory: whatever comes into my head.

Original logo est: 2012

designer: tash casey (is still employed here)

As you can tell our website is still in development, we honestly did not expect to be as busy as what we are and so this project has taken a back seat for now.

In the mean time..

'grow, but don't grow up'

- tash casey